Tornado returns to the North East

Yesterday we welcomed the K1, No. 62005 to Shildon – and this afternoon’s sun lit the engine perfectly as it is stabled on the apron outside the collection building.

Today’s main attraction was the arrival of the Darlington built A1 pacific “Tornado”, built down the road at Hopetown works. The engine has worked trains through the region since it was completed in 2008, but this is the first time it has returned to the area of its construction for any length of time. It had worked a train from York this morning and came off the southbound return working at Darlington this afternoon before heading engine and support coach as 5Z28 to Shildon. Richard & I brought the loco in again today, and here it is coming off our headshunt onto the Locomotion site.

After a brief shunt to stable the support coach, the loco was positioned over the pit for servicing, and we can see John Graham inspecting the loco before finishing for the night.

“Tornado” goes on display at Locomotion on Monday, and is in steam over 1,2 & 3 May, before departing on 6th May by the main line for York.

About Anthony Coulls

Anthony is Senior Curator of Rail Vehicles at the NRM and has been an active heritage railway volunteer since 1988
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