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Eric Treacy – the Right Reverend railway photographer

Last week the locomotive 45428 Black Five was renamed in honour of the late Eric Treacy, a renowned railway photographer. The electric locomotive Bishop Treacy was also named after him in 1979, the year after his death.

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Holiday snaps

I’ve been asked recently where I have spent the last three weeks, as my blog updates have been missing. Well, one has to take time off occasionally, and we had a couple of weeks in Mid Wales with four days … Continue reading

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A quick engine-cleaning postscript

While Stathis is on the subject of cleaning engines – and I must admit that I quite enjoyed my brief stint of loco cleaning alongside the conservation team’s gang of volunteers – I thought it would be a good chance to highlight this painting from the … Continue reading

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The week in pictures at the NRM

Well, not entirely true – you wouldn’t want to see hours in front of the computer screen, or people sitting in meetings, or the hours travelling to or from York! However, despite the busyness of the last seven days, I’ve … Continue reading

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Cleaning Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts Castle, the locomotive from the Harry Potter films, arrived in the Museum on Tuesday. She was grubby as expected for a working steam locomotive (maybe a bit more than expected). We immediately got busy in order to give her … Continue reading

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Frederick Cayley Robinson at the NRM

I was reading the National Gallery website this week and see that their new exhibition focuses on a group of paintings by Frederick Cayley Robinson, an artist who features in the NRM collections. Cayley Robinson (1862-1927) is a little known … Continue reading

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Shunting School at Locomotion

Last week a course for shunters and drivers was held at Locomotion for Richard Pearson and the team – plus recertification in both grades for myself. The course was led by Martyn Ashworth and Alan Freebury, both of whom have … Continue reading

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