34 amazing Flying Scotsman models – vote for your winner!

Voting is now open in our Flying Scotsman make-a-model competition. Head straight to www.nrm.org.uk/scotsmancomp, browse through photographs of all the amazing Flying Scotsman models we’ve been sent, and vote for your favourite.

If you’re visiting the National Railway Museum in York over the next few weeks, you can also see all the models for yourself. They’re situated in the exhibition area next to Search Engine, our research and archive centre. You can vote on the spot, and we’re also experimenting with QR codes – so if you’ve got a QR Reader on your smartphone, you can point it at the code next to your favourite model to generate an automatic email vote.

Have fun browsing the many ingenious Flying Scotsmans, and vote carefully! Voting ends 12 June, and we’ll announce the public’s favourite shortly after.


About Mark Green, Web Producer, National Railway Museum

Mark Green is Web Producer for the National Railway Museum, and former Web Content Coordinator for the National Media Museum.
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1 Response to 34 amazing Flying Scotsman models – vote for your winner!

  1. Steve from GWR says:

    Super stuff. So much imagination and effort has been put in.

    I wanted to vote for all of them, but in the end I did choose my favourite. Took me about 20 passes through the contestants. Anyway good luck to everyone :)

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