Station Hall lighting workshops

A few weekends ago, we ran a lighting workshop in Station Hall. The workshop was inspired by the student lighting competitions that we’ve run for the last three years, and is part of our ongoing redevlopment of Station Hall.

Students from around the country applied for a place at the workshop and the successful applicants joined forces with Bruce Kirk of Light Perceptions, who is the lighting designer for the Station Hall project. We were also joined by Ed Fagan, Curriculum Manager for Performing Arts at Amersham & Wycombe College, who has worked with us since the first lighting competition. Even more importantly, he also brought all the kit that used in the workshops!

So why did we decide to run these workshops? Well, they gave us a great opportunity to offer some practical work experience for the students, as well as contact with a ‘client’ (us) and a professional lighting designer. The workshops also gave us a glimpse of how fundamental lighting will be to creating atmosphere in Station Hall.

The brief we gave to the students was to recreate this image:

This image is not only really atmospheric, it also shows how useful light can be in adding drama and interest to a space.

And here is the students’ version:

Thanks to the wonders of photo-editing, we can also make it an even closer match!

Over the two days we saw just how fantastic Station Hall could look once we’ve improved the lighting scheme. The workshop also gave us some great ideas about how to use light in unexpected ways. At the moment, we’re planning to install the new lighting in the winter – watch this space for more details.

Just a note – one of the other priorities for the lighting in Station Hall is also to improve the carriage lighting so that you can enjoy the finer details of the interiors.

About Ruth Leach

I'm an Interpretation Developer at the National Railway Museum. I'm interested in social history - so for me, anything that puts people back in to railways is good news.
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  1. Greg. Tingey says:

    Top photo is an LNW “Claughton” somewhere … where?

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