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Happy 100th birthday to a tiny railway with a big history

The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Signalling School – a model railway layout used to train real-life signallers  – recently celebrated its 100th birthday with a three-day have-a go event here at the museum. On Friday, our director Paul Kirkman (below, … Continue reading

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The secret messages revealed by our A4 loco restorers

During the work we’ve been doing to cosmetically restore LNER Class A4 60008 Dwight D. Eisenhower since it was repatriated from the US, we’ve uncovered a surprise: a list of names. In the US, Dwight’s motion was painted with several coats … Continue reading

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Picture of the week: royals in Rochdale

Here’s another image from our ever-increasing online photo collection. This one’s the choice of Ruth Leach, our Interpretation Developer: Over the last year or so I’ve frequently turned to our image collection for inspiration for the Station Hall redevelopment. When I was … Continue reading

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The locomotive that doesn’t exist

It’s probably obvious to most of my colleagues that I am more than a little fond of our amazing railway models collection.  And a less well known area of that collection are the concept models, made to promote the benefits … Continue reading


100 years of station master memories

From the 19th century right up until recently, the station master was the key authority figure in the railway station, with responsibility for all station staff. Large terminus stations and small country branch line stations were both managed by station … Continue reading

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Station Hall: a week of changes

The changes to Station Hall came on in leaps and bounds last week. We installed a number of platform installations, graphics and collection items. Here are a few highlights: Between now and February, we’ll be finishing off a couple of … Continue reading

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Amazing 3D photos of the London Underground from over 100 years ago

Update: scroll down for the 3D photos In honour of the 150th birthday of the tube, we’ve dug out these eerie pictures of Euston underground station, taken in 1908 – a year after the station was opened by the City and … Continue reading

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Manchester Piccadilly: a visual history

As a regular visitor passing through Manchester Piccadilly train station, I’ve been interested by some of the paintings and photographs in the collection which give a few insights into its history. I’ve selected some of my favourite images to show … Continue reading

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Picture of the Week: a dinosaur

We’re continuing to celebrate the launch of our new railway photos browser, and now it’s my turn to choose a photo from the collection. Britain’s railway companies have never been averse to celebrating their long history and heritage. 1930 marked … Continue reading

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