Picture of the week: royals in Rochdale

King and Queen at Rochdale station, 1913.

Here’s another image from our ever-increasing online photo collection. This one’s the choice of Ruth Leach, our Interpretation Developer:

Over the last year or so I’ve frequently turned to our image collection for inspiration for the Station Hall redevelopment. When I was looking at how stations had celebrated royal arrivals, I found this one of George V and Queen Mary arriving at Rochdale station in 1913. I love it not only for the fantastic hats and foliage, but also because I grew up a few miles down the road and have used those steps myself. I have to say I’ve never seen the station look quite this good – but it’s great to see somewhere I know captured in a moment of time.

More info about the image on its photo page.

About Ruth Leach

I'm an Interpretation Developer at the National Railway Museum. I'm interested in social history - so for me, anything that puts people back in to railways is good news.
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2 Responses to Picture of the week: royals in Rochdale

  1. Just one minor comment: the photograph was not taken in Rochdale! At Rochdale in 1913, as in 2013, one climbed the stairs up to platform level and not descended. In fact as is correctly said in the several books that reproduce the picture, it was taken at Bolton Trinity Street.

  2. Ruth Leach says:

    Hi Paul,

    That is a very useful comment! The image has been catalogued as being Rochdale and so I just read the platform area as being the space that is now under a sort of underpass. And there was I thinking I’d followed in the footsteps of royalty! I’ll make sure that the mistake is corrected in our database.

    Many thanks, Ruth.

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