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Post 1950 family history resources

In my last post I mentioned that we would be showcasing library and archive material of potential interest to family historians. So I thought I’d share with you this useful and rather underused resource – the Transport Directory (later to … Continue reading

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Textile design and ‘re-branding’ the railways

The Wolverton Works archive documents the design and manufacture of carriages and wagons, the design process was not limited to the carriages themselves but also the intricate decor inside. The Wolverton Works drawing collection contains examples of carpet designs for … Continue reading

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The world’s second oldest profession

Back in March, I was privileged to attend a three day course on water gilding at WestDeanCollege, the impressive home of the Edward James Trust. It was established by the late Edward James, reputedly an illegitimate son of Edward VII … Continue reading

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The Lithographer’s Art

Many of the posters in our collection were produced using lithography, a print technique dating back to the 1860s and used right up to the 1970s. I recently went to a training day at Reading University to learn how lithography … Continue reading

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Travelling in style: luggage racks and wall paneling in railway carriages

The Wolverton Works archive contains thousands of drawings of carriages and wagons including intricate designs of their interiors.  These fantastically detailed drawings give a taste of what it might have been like to travel in these luxurious carriages. The details … Continue reading

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Sporty railway ancestors?

Many of our visitors to Search Engine are interested in tracing their railway ancestors. We offer some help and assistance in this area (see our fact sheet) but we’re aware that there is more material within our library and archive collections that may … Continue reading

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How Mallard inspired a nation.

We’re really busy here getting ready for the anniversary of Mallard’s world steam speed record but I thought I’d take a minute to share just how important the famous blue streak actually is. I’ll leave it to the curators to … Continue reading

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