Current turntable star – HST (P), another East Coast legend

The High Speed Train prototype is now displayed on the turntable at our museum, having been restored to working order and repainted at East Midlands Trains’ depot at Neville Hill. The volunteers from ‘Project Miller‘ and staff of East Midlands Trains have worked hard to ensure this miracle of restoration is now ready to go for testing.

National Railway Museum York train

HST (P) on display at the National Railway Museum

Visitors to our museum have the chance to see the loco on our turntable where its 1970’s streamlining contrasts nicely with the 1930’s streamlining of the A4s on display close by. As the ‘father of the HST’ Terry Miller worked for the London and North Eastern Railway, and with the A4s in service, the similarities in the design are perhaps no surprise.

National Railway Museum York train

Image by D. Tillotson showing 41001 and Deltic 55002 passing Colton Junction en-route to York in heavy rain on 6.6.13

The loco will only be with us until the end of today, for the latest news on this project sign up to our e-news or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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