Our December in numbers

As the party season draws to a close, in the world of events at least, the National Railway Museum Events team are gearing up for this Saturday night’s final Wonderland Express party of 2013. If you have celebrated with us this season or visited the museum in recent weeks, you will have seen our Station Hall transformed from this:

Image 1

To this:

Image 2

There has been an array of party packages on offer this year. From the smorgasbord of festive entertainment served up by Zeta and Lee to the sell-out success of our Rat-Pack inspired ‘Night Train to Vegas’, our guests have all been partaking in plenty of…


Image 3

Image 4


Image 5

and being very merry…

Image 6

so much so, that we felt we just had to share with you all…

Our December in Numbers*

  • 25      Events held between 29 November and 21 December
  • 3266 Guests who have celebrated the festive season at the National Railway Museum
  • 79      Different organisations who joined our shared party nights
  • 3510 Fairy lights adorning our stunning Station Hall
  • 2506  Glasses of Champagne consumed
  • 1875 Wine bottles recycled
  • 2206 Christmas dinners lovingly prepared by our Milburns chefs
  • 36      Repeats of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”
  • 14      Couples who were caught under the mistletoe – intentionally or otherwise #awkward
  • 35      Questionable dance moves
  • 228    Combined hours worked by our dedicated team of event managers

*Figures approximated by our very tired events managers, so may be out by one or two

So there you have it, that was our month of December and we’re only two-thirds through!

Image 7

Image 8

For those of you who have been far too busy to hold your company party in December, never fear, another Wonderland Express party is near.

Please join us on Friday 10 January 2014 for a belated festive celebration.

Image 9

Until then we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Alicia and the National Railway Museum events team

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