My Favourite Object: Flaman Speed Recorder

For a long time, most of the world’s railway locomotives were not fitted with any kind of speed indicating device. In France, however, Nicolas Flaman designed a unit which was fitted to most French locomotives even before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. Eventually, these same recording devices were fitted to British locomotives.

An example of a Flaman Speed Recorder, found in the cab of Mallard

One was fitted to Mallard and was no doubt studied with interest on 3 July 1938, when it would have shown a maximum speed of just over 126 miles per hour. It is still in place in the cab of our locomotive and you can see another example in the Warehouse.

Keith Taylor, Information Point Volunteer


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I am the Volunteer Manager at the National Railway Museum. I am responsible for the strategic development of our volunteer programme and advise across the Science Museum Group on matters relating to volunteering. In addition I am Trustee for York CVS and Chair of York's volunteering partnership. Away from volunteering I enjoy running, writing and world cinema.
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