Volunteering at the National Railway Museum

This is a guest post written by one of our summer placement volunteers, Monica Bottin

I graduated from the University of Venice in April 2014 and began looking for a placement in the UK, as I was eager to improve my English.

Manning the Information Point in Great Hall

Manning the Information Point in Great Hall

I came to York at the beginning of August, as I had been offered a month-long position at the National Railway Museum working at the Information Point. There are no railway museums like this in Italy, so everything was new and there were a lot of things to learn.

Outside the Museum entrance

Outside the Museum entrance

The main thing that surprised me about York was the kindness of people; Starting from the smiley woman in the street who helped me find my accommodation to all the staff at the National Railway Museum, who did their upmost to make me feel at home.

The museum offered me the chance to interact with people from all over the world, which helped me improve my English. The opportunity also enabled me to gain experience in working within a bustling environment.

I am now back at home with my heart full of love for York and the National Railway Museum. I will never forget this experience and would suggest this beautiful place to everyone.

Thank you York and thank you to the National Railway Museum for offering me with a rewarding volunteer opportunity.

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