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Railway expressions: ‘Hell on wheels’ and ‘Whistle-stop’

Lately I have been thinking about the ways in which the railways have entered our national consciousness.  Lots of expressions we use today appear to have railway associations: ‘hit the buffers’, ‘wrong side of the tracks’, ‘letting off steam’ to name … Continue reading

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Bradshaw and the Victorians

In his popular television programme, Great British Railway Journeys, Michael Portillo uses Bradshaw’s Tourist Handbook to navigate the British rail network.  However, Bradshaw was most famous for his monthly timetable, known as Bradshaw’s Railway Guide. For nineteenth-century passengers, the complexity of Bradshaw’s Guide … Continue reading

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Punch and Victorian Railway Poetry

We may think that today’s trains fail to run on time, but in the 19th century, stories of train unpunctuality and railway grievances were also common. Public complaints in newspapers reflected concerns about punctuality and safety.

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