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Dan is Web Manager for the National Railway Museum.

‘Defending land and sea? Come get your free tea!’ – Station comforts offered by lady volunteers

Whilst volunteering at the National Railway Museum, we have been tasked with finding information about the over 20,000 railwaymen who served and fell during the First World War. Our online database can be found here. Our research led us to … Continue reading

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Inside our film collection: looking for nitrate cinematographic film

Last November we told you about the film production of the Big 4 as we had selected some of them for screenings during the Aesthetica Film Festival. In our collection we have some of these films on 16mm film copies, … Continue reading

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Restored, revitalised and ravishing: the Flying Scotsman steams back into service

The world’s most famous locomotive, the Flying Scotsman, made its inaugural run from London to the National Railway Museum in York today after a £4.2m effort to restore the steam legend to its former glory. Tens of thousands of people, … Continue reading

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Pulling Flying Scotsman off the Drawing Board

Our historic collection of railway engineering drawings is an invaluable tool for anyone restoring a steam locomotive. When overhauling a loco, a good drawing can save thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours of hard graft. Without a drawing you’ll … Continue reading

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Sir Nigel Gresley overhaul – update 2

In The Works, the overhaul of Nigel Gresley continues. Locomotive Engineer Darrin Crone provides us with an insight of the previous couple of weeks’ work. Week starting 8 February 2016 On Tuesday we arrived to find that Flying Scotsman 60103 had … Continue reading

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Raid on the railways! First World War Zeppelin raids and black-outs

As part of the First World War Railway project here at the National Railway Museum, we are continuing to research and up-date the online fallen railwaymen database. (‘Search Lights over London’, 1917, T B Meteyard – This item is available … Continue reading

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Bogies, Bulbs and Babies: Enter-train-ing images from the GEC archive

This blog was written by Danika Willis and Ben Cudbertson, the project volunteers. The GEC Traction archive contains many quirky and unusual adverts. Here are just a few of our favourites, selected for the humour, vivid colours and graphics.   The … Continue reading

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York Central Consultation and the National Railway museum

When I arrived at the National Railway Museum at the end of 2012, my colleagues were still a little bruised from the recent collapse of plans to develop the land behind York Station. Along with many others in York, we … Continue reading

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Sir Nigel Gresley overhaul – introduction

Those recently visiting The Works at the museum will have noticed we’ve got a special guest staying with us for a while. Pacific A4 4498 / 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley is having its ten-year overhaul right here at York and will … Continue reading

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Named locomotives in the First World War

The naming of railway locomotives has often been a practice heavy with symbolism and at no time more so than during the Great War. Thanks in part to a sustained campaign in the press a wave of anti-German sentiment swept … Continue reading

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