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They were the Champions!

The vast majority of our railway uniform collections represent established railway occupations, ranging from porter to station master. However, once in a while, we acquire uniforms that evoke a certain moment in time – in this case the London 2012 … Continue reading

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The locomotive that doesn’t exist

It’s probably obvious to most of my colleagues that I am more than a little fond of our amazing railway models collection.  And a less well known area of that collection are the concept models, made to promote the benefits … Continue reading


A Christmas jigsaw for clumsy railway staff

As a last minute Christmas card, this object from the Museum’s small objects collection is pretty useful. The jigsaw was given by the Great Western Railway around 1935 as a Christmas present to employees, as a way of reminding them to … Continue reading

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The piece of plastic that keeps the rail network running

This dispatch baton, recently donated to the museum, may be a familiar sight to many of you. It is usually wielded by a member of platform staff at larger stations to signal that a train is ready to leave If … Continue reading

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A Charles II-era gold coin uncovered

Over the past month, the Knowledge & Collections department has been host to Elanor Henry, a member of the Museum and Artefacts Studies Course at the University of Durham. Elanor’s main aim was to gain firsthand experience working in a … Continue reading

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If you’re sick on the train . . .

This is something I had to share with you. People often complain of air, car or sea sickness, but train sickness is a less widely reported phenomenon. It does affect a lot of people though, especially with modern tilting trains. … Continue reading

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A warning to trainspotters (part 2)

Just a quick follow up to my posting of a couple of weeks ago on the trainspotters warning sign from Nine Elms locomotive depot. I have since managed to track down a series of photographs showing the state of the depot … Continue reading

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