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Women at Work in the First World War: Central to the Railway and the War Effort

This blog is written by Harriet Steers, one of our archive volunteers who is researching railways and the First World War. We have recently started a project to enhance the National Railway Museum’s list of railwaymen who died in the First World … Continue reading

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Ambulance trains in 1914 “This is Christmas, and the world is supposed to be civilised”

We have become familiar with images of wartime Christmas truces where fighting stopped, football matches were played and carols were sung, but this certainly wasn’t the universal experience on the Western Front a hundred years ago. Ambulance trains did not … Continue reading

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Work and Play on a First World War Ambulance Train

The most recent addition to our rare book collection is an amazing insight into the lives of people who worked on ambulance trains during the First World War. The book was compiled by the Friends Ambulance Unit (FAU)  and (in … Continue reading

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The Last Campaign of the railway ships

In March 1918 a treaty between the Central Powers and the newly formed Bolshevik government of Russia was signed at Brest – Litovsk (now Brest in Belarus) which effectively ended the war on the Eastern Front. This had two major … Continue reading

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Maids of all work

So far in these blogs I have looked at what could be called the more glamorous jobs performed by ships requisitioned from the Railway Fleet, but the rapidly expanding Royal Navy also needed ships to perform the day to day … Continue reading

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Transporting the wounded: Railway ships as floating ambulances

At the outset of World War 1 the Admiralty requisitioned many ships from the fleets of Britain’s railway companies and their affiliates. These ships were converted to serve a number of purposes including the transport of wounded servicemen. Technically a … Continue reading

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Recreating a First World War Ambulance Carriage

This is a post written by our Interpretation Developer Jane Sparkes The role of the British railways in the First World War is almost too huge to begin to contemplate: from 10 to 17 August 1914 alone, 68,847 men, 21,523 … Continue reading

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